Review of The Best Fish Finders of 2019 |

If you are wondering how to make your fishing trips more effective, then you are in need of a fish finder. So we have compiled a list of the ten best fish finders available in the market for sale in 2019.

Have you ever sat with your fishing pole in the water for hours wondering why you haven’t caught anything? Do you want to make your fishing trips more worthwhile? If yes, then we have the perfect product for you: a fish finder. This device will help you locate fish faster and also provide you with other information to make your fishing experiences more effective.

A fish finder is a relatively new equipment that is becoming more and more popular among novice and seasoned fishermen alike. It is an instrument that can locate underwater fish and structures by detecting sonar or reflected pulses of sound energy.

Apart from the location of fish, most fish finders are also able to gather a lot of other information such as water depth and temperature, your travelling speed, the weather and many more. The instrument then presents this information to you graphically in its own display or some fish finders make use of your smartphone/tablet’s display.

There are many brands of fish finders to choose from in the market but if you are new to this device, it will obviously be hard for you to judge which is the superior one. Therefore, we have reviewed many fish finders by analyzing the product and going through the customer reviews and have selected the ten best fish finders.

But before you can ascertain which one of the ten best fish finders is the most suited for you, you need to know what features make up the best fish finders.

  • Transducer

The main functionality of a fish finder comes from the transducer. It transmits sound waves, which are reflected off of underwater fish and objects and are sent back to you in the form of a picture.

Depending on the angle of the cone, you can determine your area of coverage. If you want to scan a larger area, the cone needs a bigger angle. But the larger the angle, the more you lose the strength and the transducer cannot fetch information from a lower depth. A narrower angle can fetch information from the deep but cannot cover areas around you. Basically, if you want information of your surroundings, choose a wide angle and if you want information from deep under your vessel, choose a narrow angle.

In order to choose between these two angles, you need a dual beam or dual frequency transducer. Multiple beam transducers are also available. But do not undermine the strength of a single beam transducer because they can shoot their sound waves to the sides, increasing the surface area of the search.

  • Frequency

The frequency is directly related to the angle of the cone, which we discussed above. Most fish finders have a frequency of 50, 83, 192 and 200 kHz. And some fish finders combine frequencies to make dual or multiple beam fish finders. More frequency means a more detailed result.

  • Power

A higher power makes the fish finder more effective at its job by increasing the depth it can reach and increasing the speed of analyzing the sonar information. If you generally fish in shallow waters, such as lakes, you can make do with a low power. But for fishing in deep waters and for seasoned fishermen, a wattage of 1000 or more is advisable.

  • Display

There are few things you need to analyze for the display because fish finders feature various types of display from black and white to colored. What you need to note most importantly is the pixel size. The larger the pixel size, the more detailed will be the image on the display. And naturally, as the pixel size increases, so will the cost.

A bigger display will show a clearer image with more details and the information will not make the screen crowded.

Some fish finders pairs with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth to use that as the display. This can be very advantageous since this will reduce the cost of the fish finder as it does not have to come with a display and it can also produce clear and detailed images on your phone screen.

  • Setting up

If you have never used a fish finder, you will be at a loss after buying it if you do not know how to set it up. Luckily, it is not that hard to install your new device. Every fish finder comes with a manual that will tell you exactly how to program it.

If your fish finder is not portable, you have to mount it on your boat. Many fish finders come with a transom mount. Next thing to do is to turn it on and set your preferred settings. If you do not like the pre-programmed settings, you can customize it however you want. This includes choosing the fish ID settings, depth settings, etc.

  • Additional features

These days fish finders are not only limited to locating a school of fish. They are made more versatile, for example with a built in GPS. The GPS can pinpoint your exact location so you can sail out to the ocean but the GPS will remember your location relative to the coastline. Furthermore, the GPS can also help you mark hot fishing spots or waypoints and come back to them later. Normally, you can save hundreds and thousands of these waypoints in a single fish finder.

The best fish finders should be able to provide you with more information such as the weather, your vessel speed, etc. It should also function as a depth finder. Fish finders that use the phone or tablet as the display come with a free app that features such information. This helps you plan out your fishing trip so you can make the most of your day.

Now that you know what to look out for, here is our pick for the best fish finders of 2019:

Brand Name
Display Size
GPSDepth RangePrice
Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder1. Garmin Striker 4 Best Fish Finder
3.5", 5", 7"
YES1600 ftCheck Price
Garmin Echo 551dv Fish Finders2. Garmin Echo 551dv
NO2300 ftCheck Price
Garmin Striker 7SV Fish Finder3. Garmin Striker 7SV
3.5", 5", 7"
YES2300 ftCheck Price
Venterior Portable Fish Finder4. Venterior VT-FF001
YES328 ftCheck Price
iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder5. iBobber
YES135 ftCheck Price
Deeper Smart Fish Locator6. Deeper Smart
YES130 ftCheck Price
Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar7. Deeper PRO PLUS
YES260 ftCheck Price
Humminbird HELIX 5DI Fish Finder8. Humminbird HELIX 5 DI
YES600 ftCheck Price
Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Fish Finder9. Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro
YES600 ftCheck Price
Lowrance Elite 3X Fish finder10. Lowrance Elite-3X
NO800 ftCheck Price Now

1. Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Best Fish Finder

Garmin Striker4 GPS Fish Finder

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Features at a glance:

  • Waypoint map: allows you to map, mark and steer to your locations easily
  • Clearvu scanning sonar: get a better understanding of your surroundings with this high frequency sonar that will give you a more detailed descriptions of fish, structure and objects around you
  • CHIRP sonar: this sends frequencies continuously so you receive information from a more wider area and it also creates crisper fish arches with better target separation
  • Keyed interface: dedicated buttons make the device simple and easy to use and install
  • Built-in flasher: optimal for ice fishing and vertical jigging; enables you to see your sonar data in the classic flasher setting
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Display size: 1.9 x 2.9 inches (4.9 x 7.3 cm); 3.5 inches diagonal (8.7 cm); also available in 5 inches and 7 inches

It would be quite hard to make a list of the best fish finders without including a few of the Garmin fish finders. These fish finders have made their mark due to their dependability and affordability.

Apart from being very reasonably priced, the Garmin Fish Finder Striker 4 is at the top of the list of the best fish finders because it has CHIRP technology, a sound transducer and it can fetch data from an impressive depth. You will be hard pressed to find all these qualities in such a price.

The state of the art CHIRP transducer sends a 200 watt RMS signal that can reach as low as 1600 feet in fresh water and 750 feet in salt water. This strong signal will allow you to locate fish anywhere.

Another great feature of the Garmin Striker 4 fish finder is that it allows you to keep track of your favorite spots. If you are navigating in open water, you can mark one spot and come back to it later.

The one downside of this fish finder is the screen: some might complain that it is too small. However, it is still a colored display with high contrast so you won’t have a problem reading it but you may have a problem switching between menus.

  • Clear display in 3.5 inch color screen
  • CHIRP fish finder gather information from a more wider area
  • Comes with in-built GPS, 200 watt RMS transmitter and 1600 watt peak to peak
  • Control panel is very user friendly
  • You can mark your preferred spots and return to them later
  • It can reach an impressive depth of 1600 ft in fresh water and 750 feet in salt water
  • The screen also shows the speed and water temperature
  • A few users have complained that the device shuts off by itself
  • GPS location is not always accurate on open water


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2. Garmin Echo 551dv Best Fish Finders

Garmin Echo Fish Finders

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Features at a glance:

  • Color display: gives a better view of your surroundings and the clearest fish arches
  • Display resolution 480 x 640(VGA): get a more detailed feedback
  • All-in-one transducer: will provide both advanced HD-ID 77/200 kHz and Garmin DownVu scanned images on a horizontally or vertically split screen at the same time
  • Smooth Scaling: enables you to transition smoothly from deep to shallow water and vice versa
  • Sonar history: keep track of your findings by rewinding the sonar history
  • Tilt/swivel quick release mount and low profile trolling motor transducer makes it easy to install
  • Documentation: narrow to wide viewing angles will let you see what is beyond your boat
  • 4000 W peak-to-peak power

The Garmin Echo 551dv is another best fish finder from the Garmin family. The most notable feature of this fish finder is that it has the sharpest image on display in this price range. You can also flip the display vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer. The display is 5 inches with a pixel resolution of 480×640. This wide display can be divided so you can see the broadband sonar and the DI sonar at the same time. Furthermore, it also has the options to zoom in and out.

The down imaging deeper sonar technology is one that is widely appraised among fishermen and it also has a customary broadband sonar. The dual beam transducer has the ability to fetch data from a staggering depth of 2300 feet with 500 watts power. The DownVu capability is also great.

Target separation is excellent and you can also get a clear idea of your surroundings both around you and under you by viewing the clear near photographic images produced by the Garmin fish finder.

Many fish finders cannot process data as efficiently when you are travelling fast. But that is not the case with the Garmin Echo 551dv. With its Ultra scroll feature, it can deliver reliable information even when your boat is moving at high speed. Thanks to the Smooth Sailing feature, you can easily transition from deep to shallow water and continue to get reliable information.

The AutoGain innovation can even find out whether the identified object is soft or hard. The gain settings adjusts itself automatically to ensure that the information you receive is accurate.

The Garmin Echo Fish Finder has a myriad of handy features and settings that will surely impress you. Here are a few more reasons why this makes the list of the best fish finders. It is water resistant so you do not have to worry about losing its functionality if it comes in contact with water. Its alarm system will automatically alert you when it detects something so you do not have to keep checking incessantly. Moreover, it comes with a quick release swivel/tilt along with the transom mounts so you will have no difficulty installing and setting up the device.

  • Lets you shift easily from wide to narrow beam
  • Comes with sonar history rewind
  • Comes with a swivel mount, transom and low profile trolling motor transducer
  • Detailed display with DownVu and 2d
  • Bright sunlight makes it hard to read the display
  • Cannot reach the maximum depth if the boat is moving

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3. Garmin Striker 7 SV Best Fish Finders

Garmin Striker 7SV Fish Finders

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Features at a glance:

  • Built-in flasher: optimal for ice fishing and vertical jigging; enables you to see your sonar data in the classic flasher setting
  • CHIRP sonar: this sends frequencies continuously so you receive information from a more wider area and it also creates crisper fish arches with better target separation
  • Clearvu scanning sonar: get a better understanding of your surroundings with this high frequency sonar that will give you a more detailed descriptions of fish, structure and objects around you
  • Keyed interface: dedicated buttons make the device simple and easy to use and install
  • Waypoint map: allows you to map, mark and steer to your locations easily

As we’ve said before, the list of the best fish finders is bound to contain a few from the Garmin family. But don’t worry, to keep our list diverse, this is the last entry from the Garmin family.

The Garmin Striker 7SV is one of the best fish finders because it does its primary job really well. It’s a pro at finding fish and keeping track of the location where the fish like to hide.

Your desired information will be delivered to you in near photographic images by the commendable scanning sonar. The image will tell you what objects and beings are under the water and how deep you have to go to find it.

The device is very user friendly and does not have a learning curve so even beginners will find it easy to use. Instead of touch screen, it has dedicated buttons that will serve your needs.

The Garmin Striker 7SV also has a built in GPS that allows you to make custom waypoint maps to mark your favorite spots, docks, stumps and brush piles. The built in CHIRP sonar gathers information from the widest range and the transducer provides a side-view sonar for the clearest picture of your surroundings.

If you decide to upgrade to a new Garmin Fish Finder, you can transfer all your data from the Striker 7SV to your new fish finder. The rechargeable battery has a longer battery life compared to other fish finders so you can fish as long as you desire.

  • Comes with a mounting hardware
  • Has an in-built CHIRP transducer
  • Mapping is easier with this fish finder thanks to the technologically advanced GPS system for 2500 waypoints and 50 routes
  • Navigational features include current speed and waypoint ETA
  • With the “sideview” sonar package, you can see your surroundings even better
  • Control panel consists of a few limited buttons and display lacks the touch screen advantage
  • Transfer of data is only possible via USB; there is no slot for SD cards
  • Does not come with a detailed GPS navigation map
  • Display also does not auto adjust under bright sunlight so you have to keep fixing the brightness

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4. Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Best Fish Finder

Venterior Portable Fish Finder

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Features at a glance:

  • Wired Sonar Sensor Transducer and LCD Display
  • Memory: this device remembers your preferred setting so you do not have to set it every time
  • Detection: the device detects and shows location of fish, short and tall weeds, sand and rocks on the seabed as well as the depth of the water
  • Round transducer with detachable transducer float and 25 ft long cable enables you to use it off the dock, boat and for ice fishing
  • Additional features: battery save mode; backlight mode; fish alarm; 5 user selectable sensitivity
  • Depth range: 3 feet to 328 feet;
  • Compatible for use in lakes, rivers, seas and other water bodies
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

The Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder is one of the best fish finders if you are on a limited budget. This fish finder may not have fancy features but it is simple and it gets the job done.

The Venterior fish finder has a single beam transducer but don’t let that discourage you since many fish finders feature a dual beam transducer. Remember that this fish finder is a low budget one. Angled at 45 degrees, it can find fish up to a depth of 328.08 feet.

A 25 feet long cable connects the transducer to the control unit. You simply have to cast the transducer into the water body with the Side-Scan Adapter attached to it. The fish finder package includes a detachable transducer float with a rubber stopper.

This fish finer also has a sensitivity setting that you can use to select the size of the fish you wish to capture but it has to be more than 10 cm long. The display is a TN/anti-UV LCD b/w display with green LED backlight that shows the data collected by the transducer and is also visible under bright sunlight.

The transducer will tell you the depth of and location of its find. This device also lets you choose your preferred unit from meter and feet.

However, this fish finder does have a few limitations. Firstly, it does not show any information on the temperature of the water and it also cannot detect objects unless they are moving. This means that you cannot use this fish finder to identify any underwater object or structure. You also have to ensure that your boat is moving with a speed less than 5 mph because otherwise the sonar transducer cannot work efficiently and provide the wanted information.

But these limitations should not be an issue for you if you are looking for a fish finder within the low price range. Its simplicity is its main selling point. You just have to turn on the fish finder, select between the five levels of sensitivity and cast the transducer into the water. This is a great fish finder for beginner fishermen.

  • Very user friendly and does not have a learning curve
  • Usability is easy even in areas that are hard to reach
  • Can identify fish bigger than 10 cm
  • The single beam transducer can analyze data up to a depth of 328.08 feet
  • Display is black and white but it is easy to read even under the sun
  • Has additional features like 5 level sensitivity, fish alarm and battery saving mode
  • You can select your preferred unit between meters and feet
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty
  • Fish finder does not show the fish size
  • Unable to save your preferred settings, so you have to set it each time
  • Lacks features that could tell the temperature
  • In order to identify something, it requires the object to move

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5. IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finders

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Features at a glance:

  • Patented sonar fish identifier technology that gives accurate information about the water bed, depth, structures and fish
  • Wireless fish finder that is synchronized with free app on any smartphone
  • Records readings up to a depth of 135′
  • Comes with built-in LED beacon and rechargeable battery with over 10 hours battery life
  • Also has fish and strike alarms to keep you alert at all times
  • This device is compatible with Google Watch and iWatch
  • Interactive map can perform GPS spot tagging
  • This portable device is ideal for finding fish when shore fishing, dock and pier fishing, kayak fishing, ice fishing and night fishing
  • Bluetooth feature can detect device from 100′ away
  • Has additional features that provides weather information, calendar and trip log
  • App also has anti-glare features and brightness is adjustable according to surroundings

The iBobber Wireless Fish Finder is another fish finder for those with a limited budget but with more features than the Venterior Fish Finder. The reason that this makes the list of the best fish finders is that it pairs with your iOS and Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth so that serves as your display. This makes the controls and user interface more familiar and easier and of course decreases the cost since the manufacturers do not have to include a separate display to show the gathered information.

This device has been updated so it is now compatible with Android devices as well. To preserve your phone’s battery life, it uses a low energy Bluetooth connection. You can cast the fish finder and be sure that your phone’s charge will not run out before you have had a good fishing trip.

The 118 kHz transducer has the ability to fetch relevant information from a depth of less than 135 feet underwater and can remain connected to your phone or tablet while it is less than a hundred feet away from you. It can also separate fish based on their size. When it finds fish, it categorizes them in two groups: more than 15 inches and less than 15 inches.

Another reason why this is one of the best fish finders is its size and hence its mobility. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and backpack and weighs only 1.7 ounces. Carrying it along with you is simply not an issue.

The free app that you need to set up the iBobber fish finder also features a lunar calendar that keeps you updated on the weather, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and chances of rain. This will help you plan your fishing trip beforehand so you can make the most off your trip.

If you are using the app on a tablet or a phone with a large screen, you will have the advantage of seeing the complete image on a bigger screen. Most fish finders have a small screen to showcase the data so this is where the iBobber stands out.

  • Very reasonable priced
  • Can attain data from up to a depth of 135 feet
  • Compact build makes this fish finder very portable
  • The fish finder can function even when it is 100 feet away from your mobile
  • Easy to install and use
  • Make sure your phone has a waterproof casing before you go fishing since the display of this fish finder is your phone

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6. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Locator

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Locator

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Features at a glance:

  • Wireless, portable fish finder that connects to smartphones and tablets via bluetooth
  • Small and incredibly light device
  • Can find any type of fish or structure up to a depth of 130 feet with controllable sensitivity
  • Compatible for use within a wide temperature range: -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dual frequency sonar gives a detailed description of water bed and fish tagging
  • This device can also map through shores, bridges, embankments, docks, etc.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery that has a battery life of 6 hours
  • Battery can recharge fully within 2 hours
  • Ideal for all types of fishing: shore fishing, ice fishing, night fishing, boat and kayak fishing, bank fishing, etc.
  • Free android / iOS app also has additional features like calendar, weather, diary, maps and social network sharing options
  • You will not require internet connection at your fishing spot for the app to function

The Deeper Smart Fish Finder is another best fish finder that is wireless and Bluetooth enabled. Similar to the iBobber, this fish finder is also compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

It provides a great deal of information regarding your fishing such as, depth, temperature of the water, location of fish and other useful data. The temperature sensor can read temperatures between -20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

With its dual beam sonar functioning at 290 kHz and 90 kHz, it is able to fetch information from a depth of 130 feet and 4.3 feet respectively. With a scanning frequency of 7 scans per second, no data is left uncovered. It also supports structure mapping and contour mapping and has a target separation range of 3 inches.

The Bluetooth connection remains stable even from a distance of 40 meters. And the reason why this device is so portable is because it weighs only 3.52 ounces with a diameter of 2.6 inches. The Deeper Smart Fish Finder package also includes a 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery which has a battery life of 6 hours and can charge fully in only 2 hours as well as a power adapter.

  • Works by pairing with your phone’s bluetooth, which makes it very easy to use
  • One of the best fish finders for expert fishers
  • Ideal for ice fishing and open lake fishing
  • Users have reported issues with connecting to phone
  • For the best performance, it requires that you turn off all other apps
  • The lowest depth it can reach is not as impressive if compared to other similar fish finders

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7. Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro

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Features at a glance:

  • Wireless, portable fish finder that connects to smartphones and tablets via bluetooth
  • The connection range of the portable sonar is the largest in the market: 330 feet
  • Ideal for all types of fishing: shore fishing, ice fishing, night fishing, boat and kayak fishing, bank fishing, etc.
  • Works in fresh water as well as salt water
  • App does not require internet connection
  • Fish finder works up to a depth of 260 feet
  • Can detect bodies and structures as small as 0.5 inches
  • This device, paired with the app, has all mapping functions with improved casting range and accuracy
  • Exclusive feature: This fish finder is the only one available with GPS enabled onshore bathymetric mapping feature. This allows you to study your map in your PC using Lakebook after creating it
  • Can scan via a narrow beam (15 degree cone) and wide beam (55 degree cone)
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery that has a battery life of 5.5 hours upon continuous usage

The Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar Fish Finder is the next best fish finder in our list. This one is different from iBobber or Deeper Smart because instead of using Bluetooth, it uses Wi-Fi to connect with your smartphone or tablet.

With its built in GPS, you will never get lost in the woods or open water. You can make your own map to make the most off your fishing trip. This fish finder can function efficiently both in fresh water and salt water.

With its dual frequency, the Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar Fish Finder can help you locate fish in both shallow water and deep water. This dual frequency and the ability to use the fish finder in fresh water and salt water adds versatility to your device, allowing you to fish in every type of water body.

This portable fish finder also comes with a rechargeable battery with a long enough battery life to sustain itself throughout your fishing trip.

  • The history mode keeps track of all your scans and maps
  • Lets you shift from narrow to wide beam scanning
  • Has additional functions such as calendar, weather forecast and maps
  • Long battery life
  • The app does not sync properly
  • Unsuitable for use on a moving boat

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8. Humminbird HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder

Humminbird HELIX 5DI Fish Finders

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Features at a glance:

  • This device provides the optimal angling experience
  • Internal GPS Chartplotting is the most accurate with the in-built UniMap cartography
  • Also comes with a micro SD slot for saving your waypoints with a gimbal mounting format

The next best fish finder is one that is suitable for use for both beginner fishermen and critical experts. There are many reasons why the Humminbird Fish Finder Helix 5 DI is one of the best in the market today. Firstly, it is very conveniently build so even though it is small, it still has all the features you will find in a larger, more expensive model. The smaller build also reduces its cost.

The Humminbird Helix 5 DI Fish Finder also includes a power cable, a swivel transom mount and a DVD that contains the instructions.

The display is clear and easy to read in 256 colors and 480 x 800 resolution. You can also zoom into the images, make sonar selections and mark waypoints. The coolest feature of the display is that you can split the screen to view the DI and dual beam sonar images alongside each other. Even under bright sunlight, the LCD backlighting ensures that you see all images clearly.

The interface is very user-friendly with a few buttons that do not need to be explained. The unit gathers a lot og useful information such as the depth and temperature of water below you, the vessel speed, bait balls, game fish, vegetation and structures under water. It can fetch data from as low as 600 feet. The fish finder will also tell you the depth at which structures or fish are available.

The dual beam frequency has a wide 75 degree option or a sharp 45 degree option. The beams pick up images at 28 degree angles on a 200 kHz frequency and at a 16 degree angle on a 455 kHz frequency. If you want the most accurate data, use a narrow beam to focus on your particular location. But if you wish to scan a wider area, the wider beam is optimal.

If you are purchasing this fish finder to use in the United States, you will be glad to know that the Humminbird Helix 5 DI comes with UniMap cartography that has detailed and colorful 3D charts of the coastline, rivers and lakes around and in the States. You can also save your up to 45 of your favorite routes in the Helix as well as 2500 waypoints.

Furthermore, if you register your device, you can enjoy the software upgrades that are provided in the website. There are also additional features in the Helix such as Freeze Frame, Snap Shot, Selective Fish ID, etc.

With all these cool and handy features, the Helix was a must add in our list of 10 best fish finders. It also comes at a great bargain and is a top quality fish finder both in fresh water and salty water.

  • Clear display with detailed information
  • The device can remember your preferred settings
  • Easy to install and set up
  • You can use the GPS to monitor your speed when wakeboarding
  • The user manual comes in a CD instead of a hardcopy, so you cannot take the manual with you while fishing in case you need it

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9. Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Fish Finder

Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Fish Finders

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Features at a glance:

  • Original wide Spectrum CHIRP technology transmits sonar signals into the water so you get a more detailed interpretation of the structures and fish
  • Interpret results with absolute clarity
  • Dependable high speed bottom tracking
  • CHIRP DownVision produces crystal clear photos of underwater objects
  • Can reach a depth of 600 feet
  • In-built GPS also features navionics + by navionics for charts
  • Wi-Fish mobile app paired with the fish finder can stream Dragonfly sonar data
  • Optical bonding LCD display is very clear and will not get foggy regardless of the weather

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro CHIRP Fish Finder is what we are going to review next on our list of the best fish finders. This device also has a ton of features you will find useful.

Firstly, it has a stunning display with optical bonding LCD technology. With this you can see your image or data in bright colors, sharp contrasts, and crisp result. The display will also not fog up in cold mornings and you can see the display quite clearly even under direct sunlight. You will also be impressed by the photograph like images that the fish finder will produce of the objects and fish under your boat.

Like most top notch fish finders, the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro also works in both fresh water and salt water up to a depth of 600 feet.

The in built GPS system can map your routes and the high speed bottom tracking will help you dodge obstacles when you are sailing on shallow water.

This fish finder has a new feature that the previous ones we reviewed so far did not have. It has a built-in Wi-Fi, enabled via the Raymarine Wi-Fish mobile app, that can stream your data to your smartphone or tablet in case you want to view them later.

Compared to the iBobber or the Deeper fish finders, this one is heavier at 9 pounds but you have to remember that this also has its own display and is not dependent on your phone. You can mount it easily on your boat and you’ll find that operating it will not require you to study the instruction manual extensively.

This fish finder utilizes the CHIRP technology but unlike most similar fish finders, it does not cost a fortune. You will be astonished how simple and easy it is to use this fish finder. Just plug it in and use the few buttons to set the controls and that’s it.

If you are familiar with fish finders, you will find that with the Raymarine Dragonfly, you are able to locate and catch more fish than before. This is because it covers an extensive range that can locate even the smallest group of the smallest fish.

The Navionics chart will ensure that you are not lost even at night when it’s foggy. It helps you track your position relative to the coastline. It also lets you mark waypoints that will guide you back.

But even this great fish finder has a few drawbacks but none of them are big enough to be a deal breaker. For instance, since the display does not have backlight, you need a flashlight or another light source to see the screen in the dark. It also takes a bit of time to turn on and also to turn off. And since it is not possible to turn the Wi-Fi off, it does drain the charge faster. So when you are not using the device, it is best if you turn it off immediately to preserve battery life.

  • Comes with dual channel sonar with two types of CHIRP technology: 2D CHIRP and CHIRP DownVision
  • The superior transducer has a temperature sensor
  • WiFi enabled to stream sonar data
  • Improved target separation
  • GPS is very accurate
  • Can reach a depth of up to 275 meters
  • You can combine other sonar features to improve the quality of vision
  • It is easy to use and install
  • Display is convenient and easy to read
  • This fish finder lacks NMEA ports
  • It cannot record functions for sonar images

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10. Lowrance Elite-3X Fish finder

Lowrance Elite 3X Fish finder

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Features at a glance:

  • Broadband Sounder technology can easily spot fish and structures, and identify bottom contour and hardness
  • Display: clear, color display even under the sun, thanks to the detailed resolution of 320×240
  • You get a clear view even under your boat, thanks to the dual frequency 83 kHz (60 degrees of conical coverage) or 200 kHz (20 degrees conical coverage) operation
  • The double frequency feature enables the fish finder to locate and display the largest fish arches and separate fish targets for lure tracking

The last fish finder in our list of the best fish finders is the Lowrance  Fish Finder Elite 3X. This reasonably priced unit displays your information with a greater detail.

The display is colored and has LED backlight so you can see the display even in the dark. You can easily see the screen from any angle with the pixel resolution of 240 x 360. You can adjust the backlight with the power button to switch from daytime to nighttime viewing.

The dual frequency Broadband Sounder transducer emits an 83 kHz sonar that focuses on a 60 degree area and the 200 kHz sonar scans a 20 degree area from where it can gather more detailed information. It can tell the difference between a solid object and a soft object and create vertical displays. When it finds fish, it depicts them as arches or fish on the display. You can set your preference in the visualization option. You can quickly switch between the two frequencies using the Page button.

The transducer provides some additional information such as water depth and temperature and the speed of your vessel.

There are options that lets you zoom in and out to focus on a targeted area. Moreover, there are also alarm and tracking settings.

Advanced Signal Process-or ASP minimizes the need to adjust the Elite’s settings manually. More important Menu button-provides access to sensitivity, range, frequency, noise reduction, ping speed, color line, fish I.D., overlay data and settings pages.

  • Comes with a one year limited warranty
  • Also has advantage service program features
  • Users have complained that the fish finder does not show an accurate depth reading
  • Many users have started to face various issues after the warranty expired

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